Monday 31 October 2016

Physical Manifestation in part.

I haven't updated this blog in a while, as my work life has left any serious magic non existent. Although I have had small success here and there, it has largely been a year without physical spirits. Last night I decided to physically manifest a moon angel, may God bless him. It was an interesting experience, as for no real reason I decided to buy some stuff for a moon ritual in the day (Saturday), when I got home I realised I had bought it all on the hour of the Moon. I took this as a good sign. Regarding past experiences with Moon angels and a Grimoire and astrology tie in between Glass and the Moon I focused on glass objects for the altar. It was a small ritual for the manifestation of an angel of the mansion of the Moon. I was expecting him to appear hours later like usual when they actually manifest, or not at all as I am ignored a fair amount to, but the result was partial but immediate. Having manifested similar I expected him to look much as a ball of cloud about 1-2 feet in diameter thick and possibly with colour as this how most moon mansion angels appear. Instead, I simply saw smoke appear in the west, it moved within itself giving it a set radius of about a foot, but was thin smoke and not a thick ball as expected of which are usually too thick to see behind. I believe this was a partial manifestation. It stayed stationary for about 20seconds while it listened to me, swirling in itself, then left. Nonetheless it was an actual physical manifestation of a spirit, and an angel of the Mansion of the Moon I had not already seen. The moon was near new, and I think that caused problems with the ritual. I would like to try again next month. The angel was Adriel.