Sunday 11 June 2017

A money spell

Money: Burn nutmeg and musk. On a calf skin write Michael through Christ I seek your aid, return to me what I give the Earth." Then take some coins or gold and wrap them in the calf skin and incense it over the smoke. Now bury it in the ground on a Sunday in the first hour, at the corner of a crossroads. The next week unbury it in the same day and hour and open it up. Say what is written again. Keep it together but not wrapped and carry it with you. It will act to attract money. If you spend the money more will come but do not get rid of the calf skin.

Thursday 13 April 2017

A modified prayer for treasure from the Hygromanteia

As soon I will be performing a treasure ceremony, I thought Id post a conjuration for treasure from the Hygromanteia. It is modified a little bit to be improved but not much. Ive also left the demons names blank so you can insert relevant treasure demons in there.

The conjuration:

By the dreadful and invisible throne, by the praises of the holy guardian angels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, by the divine Cherubim and Seraphim, I conjure you, demons. In the name of the Four Lettered God that is Aglai, Igla, Etaaglagi, Aglaor, Adonagi, I conjure you demons. I conjure, I coerce you, and I seal you, by the grace of all kings, by their crowns and by the chrism of the Holy Spirit with which the prophets were annointed. I conjure you demons by the mysteries of the holy churches, by the visions of the holy prophets, by the grace of the three holy children Hananiah, Azariah and Mishael, and by their holy prayer that caused the fire of the furnace to die out and to be transmuted into dew, during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar.
I conjure you, demons by the prayer of Elijah, by his zeal and by the desire he had towards God. I conjure you demons by the names of the Lord Meran, Alphetau, Geou, Gerion, and in the names of the angels Melaxoel, Bernioel, Pelpiel, Sakiboel and by Rhoel, Makhtheel, Pakhthaphiel, Saphiel, and by Michael, Sphiknoel, Rhetael, I conjure you demons -N- -N- -N- -N-. Go at once, at this very hour and bring me a treasure and a great fortune that is hidden in a secret place, that is to say pure gold and precious beautiful stones. Then go again for a second time and bring beautiful gold that is favoured by people, not imaginary, not illusionary or made by any evil device, but that is true and most pure, without any deceit or fraud. Let you have no authority to take it back from me, but let it remain with me, firmly, strongly, and securely. And if I would give to anybody something from it, let it be not imaginary, or illusionary. Let the treasure of gold be carried by the greatest, fastest, most skilled of you to do this task. And let him bring it to the place that I want.