Friday, 18 March 2016

Evocation in the Hygromanteia

So a while ago I promised an account of evocation using the Hygromanteia. I was lucky enough to get a physical manifestation, which I shall write about here. This was different, as evocations which I have practiced so far with this grimoire, at least concerning the hourly angels, have not been physical but visions. You can vet a vision pretty well to know whether it is genuine or imagination, for example you can ask it where to find something, on what page of what grimoire etc. But there's nothing quite as satisfying, rare and terrifying as an angelic manifestation. For this reason I decided to move to the angels of the planets instead as I have manifested them in the past. For those of you who know my old blog I particularly worked with planetary angels for years, this hourly angel obsession has been more recent as I have moved into studies of the Hygromanteia (which in many respects is a prototype of the Key of Solomon.) Besides the hourly angels, the Hygro' also gives planetary angels some of which are entirely new to me. This particular evocation was of one of the Mercurial angels . I am uncertain how friendly this angel is and how accurate the Hygro is on angels. For reference sake the angels of Mercury according to the Hygromantiea are Madadoel, Pertikeel and Apodokiel. As they dislike being named I will leave you to guess which one I called.

Concerning the summoning, I first used the conjurations for the angel of the day, then the conjuration for the angel I was attempting to evoke. After that I called for the angel of the hour to aid me. I continued for a few days in the hour of Mercury changing aid to whichever hourly angel was relevant at the time, but always with evoking the same planetary angel. I stayed in the traditional Key of Solomon circle for this ceremony and even slept in it for a few days in case he came while I slept.

 When he did come I was awake and contemplating some random crap as I totally given up on him coming. He appeared unusually in the South West, rather than the North West. I was awestruck by a frequency that made my head feel like it was about to explode, followed by his sudden appearance. He appeared unreasonably close to the circle, within a foot or so, and his power was immense and unbearable. His form was about three feet high by two feet wide which is small as they are usually human size. I feel sometimes the size is relative to how big they want to be rather than are. He was as light, white, which came out in shards, the light was thick and bright but not solid as some are. His centre was too bright to see. He instructed me, but did not specifically answer what questions I had for him. I feel he was annoyed with me calling him when he turned up, and his visit was like scratching an itch that had been bugging him. Nonetheless, he did come, he did manifest and he did speak to me. I can't recall now if he spoke in my mind or physically, sometimes they do one, sometimes the other, but the manifestation was as physical as they ever are. He stayed for no longer than 30 seconds and then left. I don't think I could have been in his presence longer as he was just too close.

Relevant information: He came in an hour of the Sun, so a long time after I had called him, hours after. He did not give his name and I did not recognise him like for example I did with the manifestation of Michael, but that isn't rare in itself. Most angels I have evoked to appearance I have not known. I also think there is a tendency to assume success in the magical community, of course it may have been another sent in his place.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Hygromanteia process

The prayers of the planets are sometimes to be said before the prayers of the angels. One version explains that they should be said for three days before the ceremony. Others tend to insert them, so that you say the prayer of the planet then the prayer of the angels of the planet, then you invoke the planet through it's names. Others the angels prayers are to be said beforehand. It is difficult to ascertain the correct order of conjuration. In the Heptaneron we are dealing with angels of days who are under the angel of the planet. In this respect one assumes that the angels of the planet have superiority over the angels of the days and hours but we have no clearer understanding on planet or planet angels superior standing. The angels of the planets seem to do the things of the planets though so one would assume the planets have command under God. I suspect then that the invocation of the planet prior to the angels is the correct one. Also the prayer to the planet starts with a prayer to God, whereas the angels prayers do not. Generally if we are looking at order with God at top over the planets, again then it would seem that the planets are higher than the angels thereof. Another thing to note is that the planets are not the Roman or Greek gods, neither are their names familiar. Their virtues do not fit the Greek or Roman gods either. In fact their purposes match the astrological essence of the planet, again noted by Marathakis too. We then see that as traditionally it was seen that the angels carried out the good aspects in astrology and the demons carried out the bad aspects in astrology, that we are first calling to the astrological essence of the planet and asking its angels to manifest its good will as they naturally do.