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hhSo as many of you know I am an occultist. If you've just stumbled upon this blog and wonder who the hell I am, my name is Tolka. I've been practicing Ceremonial Magic from the grimoires since about 2001? I'm not entirely sure when I started anymore tbh. I became fairly well known about 2009 and mostly disapeared from the occult scene about 2011. Perhaps one of the things that I was well known for other than magic was arguing and particularly challenging the views of self appointed adepts, usually forum kings (you know the type.) I don't believe in modern systems like the Golden Dawn etc. I don't think Crowley was a great magician and I don't think the OTO are the answer to occult salvation, but you know what, I don't think they'll limit you either. If people want to do that stuff I leave them to it. Most forms of lodge magic encompass enough original stuff to make it work all the same. If they want to waste their time with the LBRP first that's up to them. I'm sure they'll still get some over all result.

Of course, when I first hit the blogging scene (this is my 2nd blog) I was not quite of the same opinion and openly more critical of them. I do in fact recall saying that with the GD system they couldn't pull a rabbit out of a hat at a magic show, let alone summon a spirit. As time as gone on, I have become more laid back and open to peoples paradigms. In fact I rarely challenge anything anymore and I've learnt more because of it. The more open you are to paradigms the more connections you can make before types and increase understanding. I do also generally try to be less of an arsehole these days. However, today I must speak up once more return to myself, and in my style of not pulling punches and arrogant confidence I may put some noses out of joint. Tighten your britches bitches.

Today I challenge a growing trend in magic, that is the use of ceremonial magic without astrology. And not just that, but the notion that astrology does not work in magic, meant for it, or is simply not real. Just recently I've seen a few posts from magicians about this subject, some that I highly respect, and I find it disappointing they are holding themselves back, but also others. Firstly, I'm most known for ceremonial magic, it's something I've done for a lot longer than anything else, but am I the best at it? No. Far from it. If Michael compiled a list of the 100 top magicians that have physically manifested him, I doubt I'd be on it. In fact I doubt anyone that blogs or you've heard of would. Those guys are either dead or keeping quiet about magic altogether. However one thing I am painfully less known for is Astrology, and if Michael compiled a list of the 100 best astrologers in the world today, quite frankly I would be on that list. I haven't studied astrology for the past 10 years, I've lived it. I record every time something happens to me, my friends, people on facebook, I record the astrology, the place, their birth date and natal transits. Hell if I've known you for a few years i probably have at least 100 files on you and the astrology. (Yes it's creepy, but you're often my lovely little lab rats)
This is real astrology. This is noting events and the astrology connected with it. This is literally how the astrology from the books was discovered and you know what, my data agrees with the books. That's not my parroting opinion from books, like 99% of God damned Lillyites, that's me saying, yeah I've lived. this shit too and its right. Let me make it clear, Astrology affects you. I know it does. I've seen it. I've recorded it. I've seen the reasons. Astrology is a huge part of your life. That time you got dumped, that time you had that really good day that everyone thought you looked awesome, that time you had that really big black spider in your home, yep, that was astrology influence. Now let me make it clear that it is influence, it doesn't control you, it influences things, the likelihoods if you like. Nonetheless it is undeniable to anyone who has ever taken astrology observation seriously that it works. Now the people whose opinions have annoyed me... They have a different view. They think it affects you if you believe in it. And this is a pretty dangerous opinion. This is why today I'm writing this blog post. Astrology Is like a current in a river. You're all in that river, if you believe in astrology it's like walking into the centre, that current is going to hit you harder. There's an old adage that if astrology affected the clients as much as the astrologer all astrologers would be millionaires. It really does affect you more the more you believe and entertain it, but sorry lads, it will always affect you anyway regardless to a small amount. It influences where you go, when you buy, how much money you spend, it is a huge impact on you.

Now I'd like to address the issue of astrology in the grimoires an that it's missing. Main point here, it isn't. I find if people don't understand something their eyes just gloss over that part. Especially in the older grimoires like the Sepher Raziel, Picatrix, Hygromanteia, etc. It was very prominent. It's also in the Key of Solomon, mentioned in the Arbatel, the Books of Occult Philosopy. I'd have a hard time finding a grimoire that it wasn't mentioned in that had any tradition to it. But of course, the most relevant part is that Ceremonial Magic predominantly deals with PLANETARY spirits. The days and the hour combinations are astrological combinations of planets, the powers of the spirits of a planet, even the appearance are astrological descriptions. If you are using Ceremonial Magic because some one has told you it's ok, it is not. In fact, you are right at the baseline of NEWB. The saddest part some of these guys have been practicing longer than I have.

News flash, the Intelligences come from a 3rd century astrologer who reasoned why the planets behaved better in certain signs, when Agrippa says about the planet being in the right condition he means in it's sign, because that's when the Intelligence has power over it. That's not to say they don't do other things at other times. Some of the Intelligences are also angels of the hours from the Hygro' for example, but their Intelligence powers begins and ends in the signs. Now when you are looking at day and hour combinations, again the description of those combinations is an astrological description of the planets aspect, but you know what, you need to understand astrology first. If you're using the day of Mercury for a Moon spell in the hour the Moon when Mercury and the Moon are square you aren't going to get anywhere. The hours are perfect general combinations, but you have to take in to account the actual aspects to know whether they are usable. If Jupiter is in the sign of Venus, and well aspected with reception that Jupiter hour on Friday is going to be very good. If its in Scorpio, probably give it a miss.

For the past few years people have asled me how I get the results I do. But as soon as I mention astrology, or anything that isn't Lilly approved they don't want to know. Astrology is the answer. I've been telling you it repeatedly for the past few years but the truth is most people don't want to know. The grimoires are largely planetary, the grimoires are filled with astrology advice or simply say to refer to astrology books, yet I see people saying that it isn't necessary. You know the idea that astrology is mystical energy isn't how they believed it in western medieval astrology at all. All astrology aspects were carried out by spirits, that is the baseline of the planetary spirits in the grimoires, it is literally who they are. You need to learn it to know who you can call and who what you can call can do, also what they are willing to do. Take note of Reception, take note of aspects, all of them. The quincunx and semi sextile both have links to Babylonian astrology. The bi-quintile, the sesqui-quadrate, they all work. Fuck they're recorded before Lilly but people only count him as traditional?? Cultural ignorance at its finest. I've observed them working like clock work. Listen because I am an actual astrologer, not a book parroter. These things you need to take into account. I'm going to write up actual astrology on here soon so you guys know what to learn, but astrology is a necessity in Ceremonial Magic and if you haven't learnt it yet, you're flapping a wand in the dark. Get with the times, stop excusing yourself from hard work, and become a Ceremonial Magician.

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